Zachary { 7 Days } Long Beach, CA Newborn Photographer

Have you ever met someone and just thought to yourself this chick is hilarious? Well that's what I thought when I first met Jaime. We met during one of Mr. Levi's many photoshoots and by the end of the session I realized that I had known who she was the whole time but never met her in person. On the day that Zach was born I went to the hospital to visit and Jaime did NOT look like she had just given birth to a 9lb 2oz, 21.5 inch baby boy. I mean she just glowed LOVE! For our scheduled newborn session Jaime came prepared with her laptop to show me what poses she wanted. I loved it! It made the session so easy that way. Zach was the perfect model the entire session. He never cried and just needed a few snacks during our 5 hour session. Time flew by so fast and we had the best time! 


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