Nutella Jar Upcycle

So I was trying to find a cute crayon box for my 2 year old sons crayons that was cute and just could not find one. So the other day when we finished our jar of Nutella I got a bright idea to clean it out and use it for Brady's crayons. The size and shape was perfect for his little hands but he was confused as to why his crayons were in the Nutella jar! So I decided to take out some scrapbooking supplies and my favorite Modge Podge and get to work.

1. I got all of my materials ready to go. I had already cleaned and dried the jar out thoroughly the night before so I was ready to go. I found this cute chalkboard paper in my stash and the letter stickers are self-adhesive so super easy to peel and stick on.
2. The size of Nutella jar I used was the small size which fits these Crayola Washable Crayons perfectly! Also I used just the regular Modge Podge but if this jar were for a girl I'm sure the glittery kind would look amazing!

3. After I cut my paper and stuck on the letters {which might be a tad big} I then Modge Podged it to the jar. I had tried to remove the Nutella label but that baby was stuck on good, so I decided to just stick my label over it. I did put a decent amount of Modge Podge on before and after the label was stuck on. Here you have to take your time to make sure it's sticking well and the paper is not bubbling up.

4. While I waited for the Modge Podge to dry out I found some black spray paint and went outside and sprayed the top. This would also be cute with chalk board paint.

5. Once the jar dried I was worried that the paint would rub off on Brady's hands when he opened and closed it so I decided to cover the top with Modge Podge too!

7.  Once everything dried I added some ribbon to spice it up, and here's the final product!


The4aguilars said...

Very cute! I don't buy Nutella, can you save me an empty jar? LOL

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