How to annoy a photographer during a photo shoot {Lakewood, CA Child Photographer}

So what do you do when a 2 year old doesn’t want to cooperate with you? You bribe them with some gum!fbbBrady-2011-115-copyMmmmmm gum is so yummy mommy!fbbBrady-2011-116-copyLet me taste it to see if it’s good and ignore my mommy.fbbBrady-2011-117-copyStill ignoring mommy, but doing a great job inspecting his new piece of gum.fbbBrady-2011-118-copyLet me shove the gum up my nose to see how it smells. Ugh I swear he does all of this just to avoid smiling for the camera.fbbBrady-2011-120-copyLet me taste it one more time and still ignore my mommy!fbbBrady-2011-121-copyStill ignoring my mommy…fbbBrady-2011-122-copyWould make for such a cute portrait if he wasn’t putting the piece of green gum into his mouth, but great eye contact!fbbBrady-2011-123-2-copyPlanning out his next move.fbbBrady-2011-125-copyLooking like a cool cat but still ignoring his mommy!fbbBrady-2011-126-copyOk I’ll look over at my mom and show her my green gum, because that makes for a great portrait, LOL!fbbBrady-2011-127-copyHey! Who’s that coming this way?fbbBrady-2011-129-copyHey lady look at my piece of gum!!!!fbbBrady-2011-131-copyChecking out the cute lady and her dogs (typical man!)fbbBrady-2011-132-copyTrying to show her his gum.fbbBrady-2011-134-copyAwww she didn’t care about my gum Sad smilefbbBrady-2011-135-copyHey there’s a lady who cares about me, Cheese! Finally eye contact and a smile! Woo Hoo!fbbBrady-2011-136-copy

I might have my mommy goggles on, but isn’t he the cutest!!!blogBrady-2011-15blogBrady-2011-21blogBrady-2011-23blogBrady-2011-38


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